A more detailed programme with abstracts can be downloaded here: Omission_Sessions and Abstracts (open in a new tab)

9:00am: Welcome (Lecture Theatre 2)

9:15am-10:30am: Session 1

The Rhetoric of Omission (Lecture Theatre 2)

Rebecca Menmuir: The Rhetoric of Omission in Chaucer’s ‘Man of Law’s Tale’ and ‘Wife of Bath’s Tale’
Eirian Yem: ‘The Broken Thread of our Narrative’: Omission in Walter Scott’s Waverley
Daniele Nunziata: The Presence, or Omission, of Colonial and National Languages in Modern Cypriot Life Writing
Chair: Lucy Brookes

Monuments and Memory (Seminar Room A)

Emma Skeels: Monuments, Memory, and Mutability in the City Writings of Teju Cole
Jean David Eynard: Mangled Words and Textual Loss in John Selden’s Marmora Arundelliana (1628)
James Waddell: ‘An Enormous Geometry of Emptiness’: The Politics and Aesthetics of American Erasure Poetry in the Shadow of 9/11
Chair: Lillian Hingley

Revise, Restage, Erase: Omission in the Theatre (Seminar Room B)

Gabriela Minden: J. M. Barrie and the Ballets Russes
Robert Laurella: ‘I Liked the Book Better:’ Rethinking Wilkie Collins and the History of
Louise Bracken: Un-writing the Maternal: Succession in Shakespeare’s King John
Chair: Anna Louise Senkiw

The Body of The Text: Gender and Absence (History of the Book Room)

Hannah Greenstreet: Gendered forms in Two Man Show by RashDash
Georgia White: Leaking Bodies and Maternal Absence: Negating the Threat of the Witch Mother in The Tempest
Addamms Mututa: Narrating Absences: Body as an Archival Text in Sherry Hormann’s Desert Flower
Chair: India Morris

10:30am-10:45am: Coffee (Faculty Foyer).

10:45am-12:00pm: Session 2

Unutterable, Unconscionable, Invisible: Poetry and Absence (Lecture Theatre 2)

Alice Simkins: The unutterable in Percy Shelley’s The Cenci and Mary Shelley’s Mathilda
Fergus McGhee: Browning’s ‘Unconscionable’ Ellipses
Sinead McDonnell: Dialogues with the Departed: Absent Auditors in William Wordsworth’s The Prelude
Chair: Paul Stephens

Prison, Torture, and the Ethics of Omission (Seminar Room A)

Susan Maginn: The Site and Sight of Omission: Prison Writing and Metatheatre
Jake Rickman: Camped Before a Closed Door: Fictional (Un)Representation of Torture and Incarceration in JM Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians
Benjamin Gibbons: Endlessly Filling an Empty Self: Playing the Witness in Breyten
Breytenbach’s ‘The True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist’
Chair: Lloyd Meadhbh Houston

Stories of Omission: Gods, Myths, Saints (Seminar Room B)

Joseph Hankinson: ‘Homer in khaki shorts’: Taban lo Liyong’s African Palimpsest
Felix Taylor: ‘Great Pan is dead!’ The Eradication and Rebirth of the Goat God in early 20th Century British Fiction
Glenn Cahilly-Bretzin: Lost in Translation? The Role of Omission in the Old English
Translations of Saints’ Lives
Chair: Minjie Su

Silence or Suggest: The Representation of Same-sex Desire (History of the Book Room)

Stephen Turton: ‘Improper Words’: Silencing Same-sex Desire in Eighteenth-century English Dictionaries
Chloe Lim: Writing the Self: J.R. Ackerley and Christopher Isherwood as Post-War Queer Sons
Antony Huen: Tamar Yoseloff’s Hidden Sweetheart
Chair: Robert Laurella

12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (Faculty Foyer)

1:00pm-2:15pm: Session 3

Denial, Negation, Representation (Lecture Theatre 2)

Ben Card: ‘No more but the meere love of learning’: Denial and Negation in John Milton
Richard Phillips: The Killingworth Murder Pamphlet: no body; no confession
Andy Hicks: ‘A Pillar of Salt’ – What is Not In Slaughterhouse-Five
Chair: Rachael Hodge

A Spatial Kind of Emptiness: Omission and Space (Seminar Room A)

Maddie Mitchell: Race, Place, and Urban Space: Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Sociology of the Streets
Arnie Cornish: Mist, Missing and Omission in The Faerie Queene
Chair: Ellen Brewster

Creating Omission: Annotate, Compile, Anthologise (Seminar Room B)

Christine Jacob: Reconstructing an Author: Editing ‘Octavia Walsh her booke’
Ciara C. Barrick: Marianne Moore’s “Sea Unicorns and Land Unicorns:” Annotations and
Chair: Hannah Greenstreet

Records of Exclusion: Psychiatry, History, the Canon (History of the Book Room)

Ciarán Byrne: ‘Gaeler in Hell’: The Genesis of Austin Clarke’s Mnemosyne Lay in Dust
Huzan Bharucha: Gender Disparity in the Literary Canon: Editorial Bias in the Norton
Adele Caon: What It Looks Like Outside History: An Embodied Approach to Life and Times of Michael K
Chair: Zac Seager

2:15pm-3:15pm: Round Table (Lecture Theatre 2)
Eleanor Lybeck (Trinity College, Oxford)
Emily Mayne (University of East Anglia)
Andrew Dean (St John’s College, Oxford)

3:15pm-3:30pm: Coffee (Faculty Foyer)

3:30pm-4:45pm: Session 4

Silence and Texts (Lecture Theatre 2)

Carissa Ma: The Empty Set: Silence in the Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro, Arundhati Roy, and Damon Galgut
Holly Fathi: Silent But Deadly: Kay Ryan’s Silent Spaces
Sophie Zhuang: Silence in Samson Agonistes
Chair: Zac Seager

Forgotten, Ignored, Excluded: “Women’s Work” off the Record (Seminar Room A)

Sarah Pickford: Omission in Eighteenth-century Manuscript Recipe Collections
Kate Allan: ‘A Design Injurious or Rude’: The Exclusion of Katherine Philips from Scientific Discourse
Kitty Gurnos-Davis: Omissions of Experience: Women’s Work and the Material Culture of Theatre
Chair: Laura Jayne Wright

[Text not Found]: Exclusion and Absence (Seminar Room B)

Rachael Hodge: Printer as Reader in Early Modern England: Richard Jones’s “purpose[ful]” Omission
Molly Clark: Rhyme and Missing Words in Early Modern Drama
Yajya Shrivastav: Disdained and Erased: Dickens’ Christmas Collaborators
Chair: Beatrice Montedoro

Censoring the Self (History of the Book Room)

Camilla Jackson: A Journey of Epic Proportions: Wandering Narration in Byron’s Don Juan
Fernanda Lai: Publication Without a Publicity of the Self: The Lyric ‘I’ in Emily Dickinson and Claudia Rankine
Chair: Lillian Hingley

5pm-6pm: Key Note Speaker, Dr Paula Byrne (Lecture Theatre 2)

6pm: Drinks Reception (Faculty Foyer)